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South Baldy Stampede (46K, 24K)

June 1st, 2024

General: This will be a bare-bones race organised by graduate students at New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology in Socorro. 

Entry Fee: Free (fatass).

Start Time: 7 AM.

Start Location: Mesa loop trailhead.

Directions and Parking: Take highway 60 from Socorro towards Magdalena. Follow signs toward Water Canyon. Continue for about 4 miles. After the road turns to dirt, continue for approximately 1/2 mile before reaching a small parking area at the start of the Mesa Loop trail.

Course Description

  • 24K: This race is about as simple as one can be. There is one significant turn, otherwise, the goal of the race is to get to the top of the mountain and return to the bottom as quickly as possible. The race will begin at Water Canyon Campground, just as Langmuir road begins its climb up to the top of the peak. As the race begins, you'll start climbing on the dirt road.  At 2.1 miles into the race, look for a junction that indicates a turn onto a stretch of single track trail. Take that trail and follow it for three miles until the trail re-intersects the road at mile 5 (this will be at approximately 9700 feet of elevation). From there, follow the road to the top of South Baldy Peak. There is one final turn to the right about 1/4 mile before the peak. At the top, you'll notice various pieces of electronic equipment used to study lightning during thunderstorms in July and August. Now that you're at the summit, all you have to do is run back to the dirt road and follow it (Langmuir Road) all the way back to Water Canyon Campground. Enjoy the views!

  • 46K: This is a very simple, but incredibly challenging 45 kilometer course. Runners will begin at the small parking area at the Mesa Trailhead. To begin, runners will run downhill, approximately half-a-mile before the dirt road swings left and up a hill. At the top of this small hill, runners will turn left again, uphill, and continue to ~ mile 0.8. Immediately after crossing a cattle guard, runners will turn right and run past the group campground. Runners will then continue on a dirt road/arroyo path that slowly makes its way uphill toward North Baldy. At mile 2.2, look out for a left turn, continuing on an established dirt trail. At approximately mile 4, the trail will become very steep and rocky for the next mile. Watch your step as you make your way up the trail past an old mine-site and eventually onto another dirt track at mile 5.5. Take a right and continue for a quarter mile. North Baldy peak will be on the left. Once the shrubs mostly end, head straight up the grassy hill to the peak, before retracing your steps and going back toward Water Canyon. After this you will complete the 24K race course.

Safety: This is an easy course to follow for the 24K. For the 46K, runners should carry a cellular device with GAIA (or some other means of following a GPS track) with the course map visible. 

Aid Stations: There will be an aid station that runners will pass three times at mile 16, 19, and 22. Runners will also pass by the start/finish area at mile 11 and should plan to resupply with food and water from their vehicles. We will attempt to have water available for everybody at this location, but runners should come prepared with water nonetheless.

Markings: Markings will be minimal. We may mark more difficult sections of the course (although the course is fairly straightforward), but runners should be prepared with a GPS capable device, such as a cell phone with a GAIA subscription.

Cutoffs (46K only): 

  • Mile 16 Aid Station: 1:30 PM

  • Mile 22 Aid Station: 4:15 PM

  • Finish (both distances): 7 PM

If you stop somewhere, please let somebody in the race know. 

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