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La Jornada de Las Quebradadas 53K

February 17th, 2024

We can guarantee a stunning and challenging race course and an old-school ultra running feel. This is a relatively minimalist race in which runners will need to make do with adequate but minimal course-markings and similarly adequate but minimal aid stations. A portion of the profits from this race will go toward funding the Socorro High School Cross Country team and maintenance of our local trails.


We greatly appreciate anybody who comes to experience the incredible trail running that Socorro has to offer.

Registration Fee: $75. All participants will receive a meal from our local food truck, Cubish. A portion of the profits will be donated to the maintenance of our local trails and the Socorro X-C team.

Awards: First place male and female winners will receive a $50 REI gift card. 

Check-in: 6:00 AM. Bibs will be handed out. We will have at least one rented portable toilet at the start area, but runners can also find public restrooms at Escondida Lake Picnic Area.

Start time: 7:00 AM

Cutoffs: Cutoffs will be strictly enforced for safety reasons. Cutoff times are listed below:

  • Byway Aid Station (Mile 7.5): 10:30 AM

  • Johnson Hill Aid Station (Mile 17.0): 12:30 PM

  • Byway Aid Station (Mile 24.5): 3:00 PM

Race Specs:

Length: 32 Miles.

Elevation Gain: 3300'.

Driving Directions and Parking: The race begins at a small pullout off of the Quebradas backcountry byway. The road to this location is well maintained and is drivable in most sedans. Some washboard exists, however, so if you don't want to drive your vehicle on some bumpy sections, runners are encouraged to carpool with others. Depending on the turnout of the race, the pullout should be large enough to accommodate all runners. If this is not the case, there are pullouts that can accommodate some vehicles within 0.5 miles of the race start.

If runners would like to carpool to the start, they can do so at Escondida bridge park, which is just before the crossing of the Rio Grande and has plenty of parking. We strongly encourage runners to carpool if possible. From this location, runners will drive another 3 minutes to the Quebradas backcountry byway, and another 7 minutes on the dirt road to the race start.


Course Description: Runners will begin the race with 7.5 miles of gorgeous single and double track that sweeps through arroyos and limestone outcrops in the desert. Some short sections are slightly rocky and technical, but views are outstanding. At mile 7.5, runners will reach the backcountry byway and Byway Aid Station. From this aid station, they will turn left onto the dirt road and continue for about 1/2 a mile before turning right on a 4WD track. At approximately mile 11, runners should look out for a marked junction that signals the beginning of the looped part of the course. Since runners will be starting and ending the loop at this location, they may see markings in two directions. Runners should turn RIGHT when they reach this junction, where they will begin the loop in a counterclockwise direction.

Within a mile of this junction, runners will enter the Arroyo de la Parida and turn left, where they will continue for a few hundred meters before turning right onto a dirt 4WD track and stay on it for approximately one mile. On this stretch, they will see two yellow gates. Runners will continue through the first gate. It's a difficult gate to open and shut, so runners are encouraged to duck under an opening on the left side of the gate rather than attempting to open it. Just before reaching the second gate, runners will turn left, pass through an opening in a barbed wire fence, and reach a dirt road.

There may be a water-only aid station at this location (runners will be informed of this in advance). Otherwise, they will continue on a very runnable stretch for 5 miles, where they will be able to look to their left and view large and beautiful sandstone outcrops before reaching Johnson Hill aid station at mile 17. From here, runners will have a short and steep climb to an off-road vehicle track. This short section is very sandy—it will feel like running on the beach—but it won't last long. Soon the track ends up on a ridge line with views of an enormous desert basin. At approximately mile 21, runners will keep right onto a familiar track, and retrace their steps back to the Byway aid station, where they will run the final 7.5 miles back to the start/finish area. 

Markings: Markings will use ribbons, and be minimal but adequate. We will try our best to mark every junction appropriately, and place "confidence ribbons" every so often throughout the course. We will do our very best to ensure the course can be easily followed, but runners are encouraged to save the route on a phone or GPS device if they are completely unfamiliar with the area. 

Aid Stations: Aid stations will be minimal but adequate. Runners should expect water and snacks. They should carry drink mixes or specific gels if they are used to those items.

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